What is Complexity?

Why does any definition of complexity involve either usage of the word complex, or reference mathematical terms that only a PhD would understand?

It seems to me that everybody has a general understanding of complexity without really being able to put it in words. Yet another word that has no accurate definition but is universally understood nonetheless. I wonder if my own personal chautauqua is the search for an understanding of complexity, because lately it has been drawing me. I believe that understanding complexity is about as close to understanding the underlying nature of the universe as any person can really achieve in a single lifetime. Let's just hope I don't go insane on the road.

I once asked all of my friends to supply me with a good definition of complexity without using the word complex. My good friend Sl8r came up with this:
Complexity: an entirely qualitative/relative statement about the level of perception of the speaker's mind.
I kinda like that.


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